Appraisal Calendar

January 1 Date that current year taxable values and exemptions are determined (except for some inventories appraised as of September 1.)
February 1 The date that the previous year's taxes become delinquent if unpaid.
Aptil 15 As soon as possible after this date, the Chief Appraiser should mail notices of appraised value to property owners/agents whose property qualifies under Section 25.19 of the tax code.


The last day for property owners to file renditions unless they file an extension.
April 30

Last day for property owners to file applications or certain reports with the CAD including:

  • Certain exemption applications
  • Notice to the Chief Appraiser that property no longer entitled to an exemption that does not require an annual application.
  • Applications for special appraisal or notices to the Chief Appraiser that a property no longer qualifies for: 1-d or 1-d-1 agricultural appraisal, open space, recreational park and scenic land, and public access airport property.
  • Railroad rolling stock reports
  • Request for separate listings of separately owned property (undivided interest properties).
  • Requests for proportionate taxation of a planned unit development.
May 15

Last day to file a protest with the ARB for the current year (or 30 days after the notice was mailed whichever is later.)

Last day for taxing units to file challenges with the ARB (or within 15 days after the ARB receives the appraisal records, whichever is later.)

July 25 Date that the Chief Appraiser should certify the appraisal roll to the taxing jurisdictions
September 1 Alternate date for the appraisal of inventory if applied for by the property owner and granted by the Chief Appraiser.